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We have been established in South Burlington, VT since 1989. As an early learning school for young children, we have helped hundreds of children build excellent skills in reading, spelling, math and science in addition to excellent handwriting. We teach children French and Spanish as our second languages, as well as introduce music and the study of many composers with our students. In class, our students “travel” every month to a different country as they learn about the world and its people. We take pride in our diverse classroom and teach our students to appreciate the beauty of other cultures.

We are continuing with our enrollment for the new school year and would welcome any exposure of our school through your e-mails, postings, newsletters, or packages. If there are parents moving to our beautiful state that may want more of a worldly education for their young children ages 3 to 6 years, we appreciate you passing this information along to them. Our age group would be classified under Daycares, Nursery School, Public Pre-schools and Kindergartens however the benefits far exceed your expectations…  

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Sadie Khouri-Roitman

International Children’s School

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"My 5-yr old daughter has had such a steep learning curve in the last 18 months. When she started she barely knew her alphabets and now she can read small chapter books... "