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Our Children Are Our Future

The early years of a child’s life are vital in determining the child’s future. Children of developing ages two, three, four, and five years are able learners, capable of doing far more than had ever been expected when schools first began teaching children at age six.

One-on-one Attention

The International Children's School Inc. (ICS) believes the experiences, the needs and the attitudes of children differ. Every child is especially unique. There can be no doubt that greater learning opportunities must be offered to encourage and stimulate their learning development.  If a child is not given opportunities early in life for development of mind/body and relationships with others, it will become difficult for them later.  We must keep in mind there is no second chance at childhood.

Realizing Each Child's Potential

The development of a young child is an ongoing process that we believe is influenced by all of the events the child will experience.  Our school will promote the development of these experiences, and in providing an excellent curriculum, many children will be able to realize their full intellectual, social and emotional potential.

Multi-Dimensional Learning

We support the early development of Foreign Language(s) + Multicultural Programs which we feel are essential in assimilating new ideas and experiences into children's lives.  In offering these programs, every child gains a stronger awareness, sensitivity and appreciation of their own cultural heritage.  Our trained professional(s) will create a language program where learning is most effective, where a child will grow naturally knowing that there are other ways that people communicate with one another in our world today. 

We also strengthen the need of “English as a Second Language Program" for children who may need assistance in English.

Our Difference

Unlike many play based Daycares, Pre-Schools, Nursery Schools, our children take learning and turn it into play.  We encourage this style through a variety of experiences in arts, music, story telling, sign language, foreign language, global travels, cooking, and much more.

Our Mission

To raise the quality of children's lives and to inspire them to a lifelong love of learning, creativity, and a respect for and appreciation of cultural diversity.

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Parent's Testimonials

"My 5-yr old daughter has had such a steep learning curve in the last 18 months. When she started she barely knew her alphabets and now she can read small chapter books. She does complex addition and subtractions in Math with confidence. Kids are taught good manners and discipline in a loving manner. Compared to most other centers, it is very spacious and clean which helped her ( us ) stay healthy. They do lot of activities-ice skating , apple picking and summer parties. I admire the dedication and commitment of the principal who is easily approachable and open to suggestions. I am very thankful and owe a great deal to the the school who contributed significantly to my daughter's early learning experience. I am a physician who believes in strong foundation for a successful future. "