Thanks for 30+ years of academic excellence!

The International Children’s School (ICS) has decided to say farewell after more than 30 years of academic excellence. The small private school (Kindergarten-Grade 3) in South Burlington has helped hundreds of children develop and thrive since 1989. Owner, principal and educator, Ms. Sadie Khouri-Roitman, M.Ed. created a learning environment where children were genuinely excited to come to school each day. “Even after 30 years, one part that remains consistent is the children’s LOVE of learning.”, says Ms. Khouri-Roitman. The small school has earned a huge reputation as the premier early learning school in Burlington and in Vermont.

The International Children’s School was patterned after many successful European schools, and Ms. Khouri-Roitman attributes its success to providing a high-quality academic experience within a caring environment. Students studied traditional subjects of reading, writing, spelling, math and science while also learning several foreign languages including French, Spanish and Chinese. Children also enjoyed lessons in dance, drama, music, art, and field trips, as well as “traveling” each month to a different country to learn about different cultures and people (the annual United Nations Day celebration was a favorite among students, faculty and parents!).

The results speak for themself. The students have completed work well beyond their grade levels while at ICS. Many have gone on to attend ivy league colleges and pursue successful careers as doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. Ms. Khouri-Roitman has received numerous letters from parents and past students thanking her for their experience at ICS. The mission and work of The International Children’s School will continue to live on and grow in the memory and actions of parents, staff and students for years to come: The future of the world lies in the hand of our children. More than ever before, there is a great need to understand and appreciate other languages and cultures so that we can live and work productively in a multinational society. ICS is proud to have helped so many children reach their full potential.

Parents continue to reach out to Ms. Khouri-Roitman with requests for individual tutoring and lessons, which she is hoping to offer in the near future.